Using External Video (e.g. Zoom)

Using Bilateral Base’s internal video conferencing for online sessions will be the best option for most users most of the time.

The video call and BLS tools will be nicely integrated together for you and your client so there’s no need to have multiple programs or browser windows open.

However there may be times when you want/need to use Bilateral Base EMDR tools together with a different video conferencing service.

Our online EMDR tools can be used alongside any 3rd party video conferencing service such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Attend Anywhere etc (when you and your client are using a PC/Mac.)

How To Set Up External Video + Bilateral Base EMDR Tools #

Video Guide #


Therapist Setup #

  1. Start video session with your client on e.g. Zoom
  2. Open Bilateral Base Practice Manger (tip – if the video service you are using is browser based then make sure to open bilateral base in a new browser window, instead of a new tab, as you will need to be able to resize these 2 windows independently of each other)
  3. Find your client’s name in your client list on Bilateral Base
  4. Select the three dots ‘…’ next to your client’s name
  5. Select ‘Start Session with External Video Conferencing’
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to resize the Browser window to be on the left side of your screen and a green button saying ‘My video conference is in position’
  7. Position your external video service alongside the Bilateral Base EMDR Tools
  8. Click the green button saying ‘My video conference is in position’ TWICE

Tip 1 – You can also do the steps above before your client joins the session so there’s fewer things to do once your client joins the call

Tip 2 – Once your client has done used BLS tools with once. They can save the same bilateral base link for future sessions so they can have everything set up before the next session starts to save time during the call.

Using the EMDR Tools With Your Client #

  1. When you’re ready to use EMDR tools with your client, share with them the EMDR Tool link which you will find at the top of the EMDR Tool window. The easiest way to do this is to use the messaging feature of your external video service or it can be done by email etc.
  2. When your client clicks on this link it will open a browser window and they will see some simple instructions asking them to make sure the window is nice and large on their screen (so that the light bar will be as big as possible and they won’t be distracted by other content on their screen.
  3. The final instruction on their screen will ask your client to return back to the video call
  4. That’s all your client needs to do and this should only take them a moment

Starting BLS With Your Client #

  1. When you’re ready to start the Virtual Light Bar or Auditory BLS, ask your client  to switch to the the EMDR Tools window that they opened so that they can see the Virtual Light Bar / hear Auditory BLS. (tip – You will see a little reminder appear on your screen when you move your mouse over the Start/Stop BLS button to reminder you to do this).
  2. Then you can start using the EMDR Tools.
  3. Once you’ve stopped the EMDR Tool, ask your client to switch back to the video service so they can see you again

At the end of the session #

  1. At the end of your session click ‘end session’ at the bottom of the EMDR Tools Window to save the BLS settings
  2. Your client can select ‘leave session at the bottom of their EMDR Tools screen (or they can just close their browser window

Future Sessions #

  1. If you know that you will be wanting to use Bilateral Base EMDR tools with an external video service with the same client again, ask them to bookmark the EMDR tools webpage so they can can use it next time and you won’t need to send them the link again.