Professional Solutions
for EMDR Therapy

Software and equipment for secure, effective delivery of EMDR therapy to online and in-person clients.

We've made it easy for clinicians to use
advanced EMDR therapy tools with their clients.

Client and Therapist using virtual light bar in therapy room

Supporting your
EMDR therapy practice

Many EMDR therapists are now working with clients both in-person and online.

Bilateral Base provides everything you need for hybrid working in one platform.

Our EMDR therapy tools have been designed to be simple and easy to use to ensure that a therapist's focus can always be on the the therapy, not on the technology.

Online EMDR

Laptop screen showing virtual light bar and therapist's webcam
Client with eyes closed listening to auditory bilateral stimulation.
client holding tactile units for bilateral stimulation during EMDR therapy

Integrated BLS Tools + Video Conferencing

The platform provides an all-in-one solution for streamlined and professional online sessions.

Supports Virtual Light Bar, Auditory & Tactile BLS

Visual, auditory and tactile BLS can be used individually or combined and synchronised together .

Remotely controlled BLS

The BLS tools can be controlled and adjusted remotely by the therapist over the internet.

Easy for clients

Works on any device, no software to install and a single, reusable link is the only thing a client needs to attend all their sessions.

In-Person EMDR

Therapist and client sitting in therapy room doing EMDR therapy
Clint sitting infront of computer screen in therapy room looking at EDMR light Bar
Therapist doing EMDR therapy in therapy room controlling light bar with their smartphone

In-Person EMDR Tools

Advanced and user-friendly EMDR tools that leverage the power and flexibility of your existing computer and smartphone.

Virtual EMDR Light Bar

Display the Virtual Light Bar on a monitor, laptop or TV for a highly customisable visual BLS tool.

Auditory BLS

Use Auditory EMDR tools in your therapy room through a standard pair of headphones. Your clients can choose from a wide selection of auditory sounds.

Tactile BLS

Our in-house designed Tactile Tappers, provide a simple, cost-effective and reliable Tactile EMDR equipment option for clients.  Shop Tactile Tappers.

Remote-Controlled BLS

Deliver a highly professional and convenient experience, by using a second device such as your tablet/phone to remotely-control the EMDR tools.

We work with leading organisations around the world.