Remote Therapy Platform

Now Available!

Simple & secure video conferencing + advanced bilateral stimulation tools for EMDR therapy

Online EMDR 

  • Secure video conferencing 

  • Supports visual, audio & tactile BLS

  • Therapist has full control of BLS

  • No software installation required

Secure & Reliable

Quality Wireless

BLS Equipment

  • High quality, wireless equipment for the therapy room

  • Designed to be easy to use, portable and tough!

  • Connects via Bluetooth to your existing computer/tablet/smartphone


Online EMDR 

REACH is a secure online platform designed specifically for EMDR therapy.


Therapist-controlled BLS


All types of BLS  (visual, audio, tactile) can be controlled and adjusted during online EMDR.


Audible BLS


Tactile Pods


Tactile BLS can be used with online clients. Clients can have their own set of Tactile Pods for use at home.


Video Conferencing


A reliable and end-to-end encrypted video link with your clients.


On-screen Lightbar


A Virtual Lightbar is integrated into the REACH video conferencing platform.


Clients can use their own headphones to hear audio BLS and their therapist's voice at the same time.



In-Person EMDR

BLS equipment that is quick to set up, easy to use, and delivers a professional experience for clients.


Conduction Headphones


Bone Conduction Headphones enable your client to clearly hear auditory BLS and your voice at the same time.


Controlled with existing device


All Bilateral Base products connect via Bluetooth to your existing computer/tablet/smartphone. 


Wireless Lightbar


The Wireless Lightbar is a great alternative to traditional manual BLS, delivering convenient and precise visual BLS.


Tactile Pods


Wireless Tactile Pods are designed to sit comfortably in your client's hands and allow therapist and client to be seated a comfortable distance apart.


Bilateral Base - Coronavirus Update

To support therapists and clients with their transition to remote EMDR sessions, our online EMDR platform REACH is currently available to all therapists for unlimited use for FREE. Visit our pricing page for more details.