Auditory BLS not playing correctly on Windows

Some users have reported hearing the BLS in both ears at the same time or not at all when using a Windows-PC.

We have been investigating the source of these issues and it seems to be caused by the increasingly sophisticated background noise cancelling and other techniques that device makes are employing to improve the sound quality on video calls. These features can interfere with auditory BLS by, for example, incorrectly identifying the tones as background noise.

The solution in all cases is to turn off the sound enhancement tools and we are building a library of how this is done on different Windows-PC setups below

You can determine your audio device by going to Settings > System > Sound. Then seeing the names of your devices for Headphones, Speakers & Microphone e.g. “Realtek(R) Audio”.

Realtek Audio Users

In the search bar in Windows type “Realtek” to open “Realtek Audio Console”.

On the left, click on “Speakers” and under “Sound Effects” switch “Speakers Noice Cancellation” to “Off”.

Go back to the BilateralBase session window and re-test your audio.

If that still doesn’t work, go back to Realtek Audio Console and then “Microphone”, and set Microphone to “Off” or “Basic Reception optimization”.

If it still doesn’t work, please continue below.

Other Users

You may have your own audio device’s console. Please check here for any noise cancellation etc. And disable settings one by one until the audio works correctly in BilateralBase.

In a number of cases, we have found that disabling Windows’ Audio Enhancements feature has resolved the issue and restored stereo sound.

This support article from Microsoft explains how to disable this feature for your microphone

Below are screenshots for how to disable windows audio enhancements for your audio output


We recommend that you try changing any settings one by one. Reseting them after each unsuccessful attempt. If changing one setting doesn’t work, you may need to try disabling multiple settings at a time.

If you find that this resolves a bilateral sound issue for you, then we’re always grateful if you let our support team know so we can build our understanding of when this issue occurs, put measures in place to prevent it from happening and where relevant work with vendors such as Microsoft to fix the issue.