Sending Your Client a Session Link

In order for your client to join your sessions, you first need to send them a secure reusable link.

Before you can send your client a link, you need to add your client to the platform, this will generate the link that is unique to that client (see ‘Adding a New Client‘)

Steps to Send a Session Link:

  • You will then see a list of all your clients
  • Next to your client’s name you will will a link saying ‘Send Client Invite’
  • A window will appear with a template invite that you can send to your client. This template contains the secure reusable link for your client
  • Click ‘Copy Client Invite’
  • Paste the invite into an email or messaging service, edit the text if required before sending to your client

**Please note that once you have sent the secure reusable session link to your client they can use this same link for all future sessions so you don’t need to send a new invite ahead of each future session**