Sending Your Client a Session Link

In order for your client to join your sessions, you first need to send them a secure reusable link.

(Before you can send your client a link, you need to add your client to the platform, this will generate the link that is unique to that client (see Adding a New Client)

Steps to Send a Session Link:

  • Go to your Practice Manager (this is the first screen you will see after you log in)
  • Select ‘Client List’
  • Next to the client’s name, select ‘Send Client Invite’

Location of 'Send Client Invite' option

  • A window will appear with a template invite that can be sent to your client. This template contains the secure reusable link for your client
  • Select ‘Copy Client Invite’
  • Paste the invite into an email, calendar invite or messaging service, edit the text if required before sending to your client

**Please note that once you have sent the secure reusable session link to your client, they can use this same link for all future sessions – you don’t need to send a new invite ahead of each future session**