Group Video Calls

The platform now supports multiple participants joining a call. This has been a popular request for scenarios such as:

  • Including a translator
  • Supervision
  • Running training sessions
  • Couples EMDR therapy
  • Group sessions


To set up a group call: #

  • Go to your Practice Manager
  • Select ‘Add New Group’
  • Enter a name for your group
  • Select ‘Send Group Invite’
  • Send the session link to anyone who you want to be able to join the session

To start a group call: #

  • When it is time to begin the group call, select ‘Start Session’ next to your group name
  • You will then be able to admit participants into the call when they arrive.

To manage group during a call #

  • Go to ‘More Options’ and select ‘Manage Participants’

Feature Notes #

  • This feature is still a Beta version, meaning we’re still refining it and currently offering it to our users at no extra charge.
  • Please let us know what you think and pass on any suggestions
  • This feature is not currently supported on our app for Apple Devices.
  • Maximum participants on a call is 10
  • Recording of group calls is not currently supported