Video Background Effects

To help reduce distractions and also maintain your privacy, you and your clients can blur or replace your video background.

How to turn on background effects #

  • These options are available when you choose to start a session. Select ‘Check Camera & Audio Setup’. Then choose ‘Background Effect’ underneath the image from your camera
  • The background effects options can also be accessed during a session by selecting ‘More Options’ at the bottom right of your screen. Then choose ‘Camera Settings’

Important Notes

This feature is currently available on Google Chrome (PC/Mac) and Microsoft Edge (PC).

Background removal is a processor intensive task. If you have an older or lower powered computer you may find that video quality is impacted when in use. You should try closing other programs and browser tabs to free up system resources if you experience this.

Background removal works best when there is plenty of light. This helps the software to understand what part of the image is you and what is the background.

Ensure hardware acceleration is ON in your browser. See this article for how to check this setting in Chrome.

Background removal is currently only available for therapists but not for clients. The reason is that because background removal uses a lot of processor and memory, unless the client is using a fast computers background removal can decrease the performance of the BLS tools, so at this time we have decided not to make this an option for clients.