In-Person BLS Tools

This guide will show you how to use the BLS tools in your therapy room.

Method 1 – Single Device #

This is the simplest setup for using BLS tools in your therapy room.

Select ‘Start Session (In-Person)’ on the Practice Manager screen


Then select a shortcut to either visual, auditory or tactile tools (you can still use the other BLS tools no matter which option you choose)

If you intend to use auditory BLS with your client then connect headphones and check that these are working

Set up the BLS tools as needed for your client

You are now ready to use the in-person BLS tools with your client

You can start/stop BLS with your mouse (or other pointing device)

You can also start/stop BLS using the spacebar on your keyboard

You can alter the speed using your mouse or the UP/DOWN arrows on your keyboard

(Tip – using an external keyboard means you can control the BLS from a distance)


Method 2 – Remote Control + Display #

You can also choose to use 2 devices, 1 to display the Virtual Light Bar and the other as a remote control . This allows you to conveniently control the device from your chair without having to lean over you client to control the BLS

Select ‘In-Person Session’ on the device you want to use as your remote control.


Select ‘Open as Controller’ (PC/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android can all be used as the controller)

Follow the on-screen instructions for how to connect your display device

Once you have done this, you will be able to control the ‘display’ device using the controller device, allowing you to maintain a comfortable distance from your client and the BLS controls will only be visible on the ‘controller’ device’ which is less distracting for the client.


  • Bookmark your display link –  Once you have used a device as the ‘display’ device for a Remote + Display session once. You can bookmark the web page (the link will look like this  so that you can just open the display page quickly without needing to go into the platform to select the ‘use as display’ option