Using Android Tablet / Phone (Client Version)

If you are planning to use an Android tablet/smartphone for your upcoming online sessions, it may be helpful to let your therapist know.

Some Android devices (generally those 4+ years old) do not support a therapeutic tool called ‘auditory bilateral stimulation (auditory BLS)’.

Your therapist may want the option to use this tool during your sessions

If it turns out that your device does not support this auditory BLS (and there isn’t an alternative device available), this is generally not a problem and your therapist will be able to use alternative therapeutic tools.


How to Check if Your Android Device Supports Auditory BLS #

If your therapist does want to have the option to use auditory BLS during your sessions, you can check your device with the following steps

  • Connect a pair of wired headphones to your Android device (wireless headphones are not compatible with auditory BLS on Android devices)
  • Open the session link sent to your by your therapist (usually by email)
  • Select ‘Check Camera & Audio Setup’
  • Complete the ‘Video’ test
  • When you come to the ‘Audio’ test if when you tap the right and then left sound check buttons, the sound is heard in one ear for left and then the other for right and not both at the same time, then your device is compatible for auditory BLS