Using Apple iPad / iPhone (Client Version)

If you are planning to use an iPad/iPhone for your online session(s), please let your therapist know.

Your therapist may wish to use a therapeutic tool called auditory bilateral stimulation (BLS) as part of your sessions.

If you therapist indicates that they DO NOT need to use auditory BLS during your session, then you can open your invite link in a web browser (e.g. Safari) to start your session.

If your therapist would like to have auditory BLS available for your sessions, please see the following guidance.

Setting up your iPad/iPhone for auditory BLS #

  • Before your session
    • Install the free Bilateral Base App from the App Store so that auditory BLS is available on your iPad/iPhone
    • Once the app is installed, copy/paste your invite link to join the session
    • You will need to use wired (not wireless) headphones. Please tell your therapist if you don’t have access to a pair of wired headphones.

We’re happy to assist if you need a bit of extra help getting set up. Contact us.