Using iPad/iPhone for a Session (Client Version)

If you are planning to use an iPad or iPhone for your upcoming session, you should download the Bilateral Base app from the Apple App Store.

This is needed due to a limitation with the Apple operating system (iOS) that runs on iPads and iPhones which prevents some features from working if accessed through a web browser (e.g. Safari)

Downloading the app is easy and takes just a few moments.

Instructions for using the Bilateral Base App for iPad/iPhone

  • Open the ‘App Store’ app on your iPad/iPhone
  • Search for ‘BilateralBase’
  • Install the app
  • Click on the Bilateral Base invite link that was sent to you by your therapist (usually via email)
  • The session will open automatically in the app
  • It is recommended that you wear headphones for your session as these allow you to clearly hear your therapist and are required for some of the therapeutic techniques your therapist may use

**Please note that Android tablets and phones do not have the same limitations as iPads/iPhones and so there is no need to use an app.**