Auditory BLS With Apple iPad / iPhone

This article is relevant if you want to use auditory bilateral stimulation (BLS) with a client AND you or your client will be using an Apple iPad/iPhone.

Auditory BLS may be a good option when working with clients who are using a tablet/phone because of the small screen size of these devices. This can make successful use of the Virtual Light Bar more challenging.

A tablet screen may be usable with some clients if they hold it fairly close to their face, however smartphone screens are, in most cases, too small and another form of BLS such as auditory BLS or butterfly taps may be more appropriate.

Due to a technical limitation of Apple iPads/iPhones, auditory BLS does not work as intended when accessed via a web browser these devices. See below for how you can use auditory BLS successfully with your clients when either you or they are using an iPad/iPhone


Your client is using an iPad/iPhone AND auditory BLS is required #

  • What your client needs to do
    • Your client can download the free Bilateral Base App from the Apple App Store for their sessions so that auditory BLS is available on iPad/iPhone
    • Once your client has downloaded the app they can enter their session link to join your session
  • A few things to note
    • Your client will need to use wired (not wireless) headphones.
    • The app is primarily intended to make auditory BLS compatible with iPad/iPhones. The app does also include an ‘essentials’ version of the Virtual Light Bar. If you need access to all the customisation options for the Virtual Light Bar then ask your client to use their web browser instead of the app.
  • Information for your clients – we have a guide written specifically for your clients which it may be helpful to share with them. See ‘Preparing For Your Session’.
  • We’re always happy to assist you or your clients if some additional help would be appreciated. Please contact us.


You (the therapist) will be using an iPad/iPhone AND auditory BLS is required #

  • Auditory BLS will work without you having to take any additional steps
  • The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will hear auditory BLS in both ears at the same time instead of in an alternating pattern to your left and then right ears
  • Your client will still be hearing auditory BLS in an alternating pattern (on a compatible device) and that’s what’s important for auditory BLS to be administered correctly


(Tip – Please check carefully if you’ve been using auditory BLS on other EMDR platforms, as the same challenges delivering auditory BLS to iPads/iPhones exist on other platforms, but they often don’t mention this to their therapists unless you specifically ask them. If you have been using auditory BLS with clients on another EMDR platform, it may not have been working correctly and you just didn’t realise. If in doubt, please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.