Working with Clients who use iPad or iPhone

For online clients who will be joining your sessions using an iPad or iPhone. We recommend that you ask them to download the Bilateral Base App from the Apple App Store.

This is due to a limitation with the Apple operating system (iOS) that runs on iPads and iPhones. This limitation prevents auditory BLS working on these devices if your client is accessing the service through the web browser on their iPad/iPhone.

Your client will hear the auditory BLS in both ears simultaneously instead of in an alternating pattern.

This limitation does not occur if your client uses our app for iPad/iPhone

Auditory BLS is recommended when working with clients on mobile devices because of the small screen sizes which make successful use of the virtual light bar more challenging. A standard iPad with a 9.7″ screen is just about large enough to use for visual BLS, however iphone screens are in almost all cases too small and auditory BLS is the better option.

Getting your client set up with the app is quick and easy and will give them an optimised experience.

Instructions your client should follow if they are using an iPad/iPhone

  • Open the ‘App Store’ app on their iPad/iPhone
  • Search for ‘BilateralBase’
  • Install the app
  • Click on the Bilateral Base invite link they have been sent by you (usually via email)
  • The session will open automatically in the app
  • Your client will not be asked to go through the pre-call test as camera and sound options as these are automatically managed by the operating system so these steps are not necessary
  • Ensure your client is wearing headphones so that auditory BLS is delivered properly to their ears

**Please note that Android tablets and phones do not have the same limitations as iPads/iPhones and so there is no need for clients on these devices to use an app**

**Please also note that the Bilateral Base App is only for your clients and is not designed to be used by therapists. Please use the platform via the web browser on your Device.**