Audio or Video Playback Blocked

There are many reasons why the audio or video for your online EMDR session on BilateralBase might become blocked.

In this article we will to take you through some troubleshooting steps to remove those blocks.

  1. Try opening the online EMDR session link in a private browser window. The steps to open a private window differs from browser to browser see here for a good guide to each
    1. If that worked and you were able to load your camera then close the incognito window, go back to your normal browser and continue down this list
    2. If it didn’t work, please contact our support
  2. The most likely answer is that there’s a plugin or extension blocking audio or video for your online EMDR session. Open your browsers plugins / extensions settings page. For example on Chrome, click the three dots in the upper right of the screen, click settings and then choose “Extensions” on the left (Or click here for a shortcut)
  3. Search the list for any extensions that may mention “Audio”, “Video”, “Autoplay”, “Privacy”, “Security” etc.
  4. One by one, switch off the extension, then reload the online EMDR session link. Check whether you’re able to load up your camera etc without warnings. Make sure that you switch the extension back on again after each test
    1. If you’ve found the extension that was blocking the video (i.e. the session started working after you switched the extension off) continue down the list
    2. If you’ve searched all of the extensions and still can’t get video to work, please contact our support
  5. We should now know the specific extension that is blocking the session, go back to the extensions page and re-enable it, try to remember what the icon for the extension looks like
  6. Load up the online EMDR session and you should be blocked again
  7. Now, go to the upper right of the screen and click on the puzzle piece
  8. Find the extension that we identified earlier and click on it
  9. If it allows options to “Allow for this site” or “Whitelist this site” or “Trust” or anything similar, then enable it
  10. Refresh the online EMDR session page and you should find that you are no longer blocked
  11. If you are unable to find “Per site settings” or “Overrides” then you may have to disable the extension completely, at least when using BilateralBase online EMDR sessions

In addition to the above, we do recommend that you regularly check through your extensions and remove any that you don’t remember installing or you no longer require.