Adding Session Dates & Times

The platform has been designed to fit easily into your current way of working.

You can choose to manage your appointments within the platform or you can continue to use your existing appointment manager software (or paper-based calendar).


Option 1 – I want to use my existing appointment manager: #

If you prefer to use your existing method of keeping track of your appointments then there is no need to enter appointment times into the platform.

Simply add your client to the platform and send them a session link (you can include the date/time of future sessions in the same email if appropriate)

Then whenever you want to start a session with the client, simply click ‘Start Session’ next to their name/I.D

Location of 'Start Session' button

Option 2 – I want to use the built-in Bilateral Base appointment manager to keep track of my sessions: #

  • Go to your Practice Manager (this is the first screen you see after you log in)
  • Select ‘Session Log’
  • Select ‘Add Session’
  • Select your client from the dropdown menu (or add a new client)
  • Enter the date and time of an upcoming session (and recurrences if relevant)
  • Click ‘Save’

Steps to enter a session time

**Please note that even if you a using the Bilateral Base appointment manager to keep track of your session dates/times you only need to send the reusable link to your client once and they can use it for all future sessions (even if the the time of a session changes, the link will always work!)**