Platform Update Notes - 14th Mar 2021

Updated: Mar 17

This update adds the ability to remove the background from your video and enhancements to the onscreen virtual Lightbar and date/time picker.

Background Removal To help reduce distractions for your clients and also maintain your privacy, you can now blur your video background (so no more frantic tidying up before a session ;-)

Background removal is currently available for therapists using Chrome (PC/Mac) or Edge (PC). Please see Background Removal Guide for more details. Lightbar Enhancements The lightbar will now stop in the middle of the screen to give a more natural finishing position for clients. We have also made the change of direction at each end into a less sudden movement which should make eye tracking easier and more comfortable. Date/Time Picker The date/time picker is used when adding appointment times to your calendar. We've simplified the page, so it is now easier to enter information just using your keyboard, with fewer mouse clicks required.

We hope the updates are helpful and as always, your feedback on what we're doing well and what could be improved is always greatly appreciated!