New Subscription Options For 2021

Thank you for your support of the Bilateral Base Remote EMDR Platform since we started back in April. We launched the online EMDR service earlier this year in response to the pandemic and the sudden switch to remote working. If you haven’t used it for a while, I really recommend giving it a try as we’ve made big improvements in the past few months, with more to come before the end of the year.

The Platform Now Includes:

  • Secure, high definition video conferencing that is compliant with relevant regulations around the world including HIPAA and GDPR

  • An on-screen Lightbar for visual BLS

  • A selection of audio BLS sounds which can be synced with the on-screen Lightbar

  • A dashboard for managing clients and arranging appointments

  • A Pre-call Check so that clients can ensure that their web browser, camera, headphones and microphone are all set up correctly and no time is wasted at the start of sessions

New Features Coming Soon!

  • The ability to record sessions

  • App for iPads & iPhones

  • An improved selection of Audio BLS sounds

  • Instant Messaging with clients

Monthly Membership Options We have kept the platform free to use for the past 8 months to assist therapists with their sudden transition to remote working and we hope this has been helpful for you. In order to for us to continue developing the platform and sustain the high standards you expect from us, we will need to start introducing paid membership options in 2021. Our priority is to make EMDR therapy accessible to everyone who can benefit and so we've tried to ensure that there is a cost effective option for all of our therapists.

Occasional - 5 Therapy Hours Per Month - FREE Regular - 40 Therapy Hours Per Month - £7.95 GBP | $9.95 USD Unlimited - Unlimited Therapy Hours Per Month - £9.95 GBP | $12.95 USD What happens next? We’ll update you again with more details before the new membership plans are introduced to make sure you’re ready for the change at the beginning of January.

We're here to help If you have any questions on the new membership plans then please get in touch Best wishes Katie & the team at Bilateral Base