New Features - December 5th 2020

We've got 3 new updates to our online EMDR platform going live this weekend. (December 5th 2020)

Please watch the video above for a clear demonstration of the upcoming changes.

Update 1 - New Subscription Control Panel

In preparation for introducing new membership options in January. You will see we have added a set of controls relating to managing your subscription and keeping track of how many therapy hours you have completed.

Update 2 - Alternative Layout For BLS Controls

A number of therapists have requested that we provide an option for moving the BLS control panels out of the way so that they don't cover part of your clients' faces. There's now an alternative layout with the panels positioned up the left side of your screen.

Update 3 - Reduced Distraction For Clients During Visual BLS

We're changing the default setting so that the video feed on the client's screen is temporarily turned off when the Lightbar is on to reduce distraction.

These updates will be added to the platform on Saturday December 5th, Please get in contact if you have any comments or questions.

Best wishes

The team at Bilateral Base