BLS Equipment

Our new range of BLS equipment has been designed to be quick to set up, easy to use and to deliver a highly professional experience for clients.

Coronavirus Update - Equipment Availability

Coronavirus has impacted supply of components for our BLS equipment. We are are still some weeks away from having it available, but we're making good progress and we'll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Wireless Lightbar

The Wireless Lightbar is a great alternative to traditional manual BLS. It connects to the therapist’s existing computer/tablet/smartphone giving control over speed, colour and brightness. It has been designed to be easy to use, portable and tough! 

Tactile Pods

Our unique Pods can be used for tactile BLS both in-person and online. Clients can receive their own pair and benefit from therapist-controlled tactile stimulation during online EMDR.

The wireless version has been primarily designed for in-person EMDR, allowing therapist and client to sit a comfortable distance apart and avoid any annoying issues with cables!

Conduction Headphones

A common problem of audio BLS during in-person EMDR therapy is enabling clients to hear both the audible BLS and therapist's voice at the same time. These innovative headphones solve this by safely transmitting BLS sounds to the ear via small vibrations to the cheek bone, leaving the ears free to clearly hear the therapist’s voice. These headphones also have the advantage of being more hygienic than conventional headphones as they don't come into contact with the client's ears.

Conduction headphones for online EMDR